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5 Incredible Features to choose Live Exam Center | Online Exam Software in Pune

March 09 2015 Admin Technology , e-Commerce , Web Design , online exam software

Are you looking for an easy way to build exams online?
Live Exam Center, an Online Exam software for educational and business organizations.  Our online exam software is customizable, flexible and user-friendly. Create exams within no time! Here are some incredible features which gives a clear idea that why one should choose Live Exam Center, an Online Exam Software in Pune.

online exam software in pune | Live Exam Center

  1. Question Bank:
    Admin can insert different types of questions like:
    a.Multiple choice multiple select
    d.Fill in the blanks

    There For each question admin can give 2 to 6 answer options, question solution with import image facility. You can decide right marks, positive marks, difficulty level, topic name and finally subject name. Admin is having maximum controls that’s why our Live Exam Center is the best Online Exam Software in Pune. There is bulk upload facility to upload multiple questions with a single click.

  2. Flexible Test Creations:
    Our Online Exam software in Pune is better than any other exam software. Flexibility is key feature which gives an experience of simple and easy way of Exam creations. Admin can choose test type as Practice Test or Exam, here candidate would give practice test n number of times but Exam can give only one time. Accordingly admin should specify Start date, Exam time, Exam hours, total number of questions, total marks, passing score etc. In online Exam Software, customization is the major factor under which we have offered optional features which includes shuffle questions or shuffle answers during test. As well as Notify your parents through SMS about result score after Exam.Admin could edit, delete Exams.
    There are three types of Exam status that is which gives maximum Exam Controls:

    You can download Exams in Excel format. We will assure you that our Online Exam Software In Pune offers maximum features with lowest price range.

  3. Sell Exam Packages:
    Package is group of exams which students can buy or subscribe using online payment or coupon code. Admin can decide whether to keep package free or paid.For Paid packages, there is feature that is coupons. You will find this is our unique features which you won’t find in any other Online Exam Software in Pune. By using coupons admin can offer discount for paid packages, optionally admin would set expiry date for particular coupons.

  4. Meaningful reports and Analytics in Real time:
    Live Exam Center is best report generator Online Exam Software in Pune. Question report, package report, Exam report, Student performance report, Absent student report etc. Reports are very crucial to monitor system’s status.

  5. Other Admin Setting:
    There are many features which make our Live Exam Center as the best Online Exam Software in Pune. Here admin can announce news or events which will be displayed in all students panel. Admin can share study material that is any notes or eBooks with students.

Live Exam Center has overcome traditional study process. Our Online Exam Software in Pune have come up with a very easy solutions and have solved all issues.

Online Exam Software in Pune

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