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6 Basic but Essential Design Tips for Fresher Web Designers

May 07 2015 Admin Technology , e-Commerce , Web Design , Android , online exam software

As a website design and development Company in Pune, We have web designers as well as we give training to Non designers (Freshers). Our fresher Co-workers have to create their own images and landing pages. We put together a list of best practices for all fresher web designers. List is of some does and don’t rules. Here I have mentioned 6 tips that you should keep in mind while working as web designer:

Typography Fundamentals

Typography plays an essential role in creating CSS and HTML pages. Never Use only one font size throughout your web page, always use multiple sizes to make web page more attractive from audience point of view. Now question comes in your mind that how to choose multiple font sizes. Choose your lowest Font size first and go from there. Suppose your smallest font size is 12px which is body paragraph then use 24px for the heading and 48px or 72px for the title. This simple typography fundamental helps you to make your web page uniform throughout.

Refer Diagram below.

tips for web designer

In the above design, my smallest font size is 12px. Then I use 24px and title with 48px. Never use more than two typefaces. Here is our great website that helps to clear your ideas about how to pair fonts on web page. You should consider font weights in designing web page. Simply means use Bold for headlines then regular for paragraphs. Always remember more font weights you use, your web page will be confusing or look messy for viewer.



It’s important to keep your design elements consistent. For example, if you’re using one style of button on one part of the page, make sure you use the same style on the rest of the page or document. If you’re using photography in the header of the page, make sure you keep it consistent with the rest of the art assets.


White Space

Uniform ness in web page is always matter. Giving elements breathing room makes a world of difference. Refer to the above example for using enough white space. Spacing in between the lines is also very important. Not too much, but not too tight either.


Color Logic

Selecting colors for web pages in not an easy task. Here I will suggest you one website as http://www.flatuicolorpicker.com, here you find shades of colors with complementary colors. Try to pick colors as per webpage need.



Now new trends come as use of large photos on website. So to match that on social and marketing point, you need to pick the right photos. However for good photography you use paid or free resources as per clients need.


Keep it simple

You should always focus on your message that you want to deliver through web page. To make website more attractive and unique, don’t let it get too cluttered. As a web designer the best advice is “SIMPLE IS AWESOME”. Make it easy for your audience.


Keep the principles above in mind and you’ll be on your way to becoming a better web designer in no time.

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