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Create Dynamic Web Application using AngularJS Framework

July 18 2017 Admin AngularJS

AngularJS is a JavaScript Framework which benefits us to develop modern age web applications. Today web applications are not restricted to the desktop. They are widely used on the mobile devices. AngularJS is especially useful while building Single Page Applications, Data Driven and CRUD (Create, Read, Update, and Delete) applications.

Single Page Web Application

According to the enterprise requirements and client's expectations, the developer is required to accomplish projects timely deployment. There is a huge community backing up to the AngularJS Development where a large number of developers and experts are working on the new challenges and problems faced every day by the new joiners to the world of the Angular web development. The community provides their opinions and solutions for the queries from the developers and also the newly joined to developers community. This helps to fulfill the client expectations and the complete the project in time.


Irrespective the wide transformation and the varied offers through the ecosystem, web apps remain RDBMS based and CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) operations have driven Information Management Systems within the line of the business. CMS and HRMS are the typical examples.

AngularJS uses HTML for the front end development where there is no need to third party resources and no any add-on framework needed. HTML helps to build good interactive front end. The HTML tags and syntaxes are small and simple to use. Rich custom elements can be created. AngularJS web development provides the business level solution to the development using many features like unit testing, dependency, data binding. The testing is fast and a load free as there is no need to write the extra test code for each component separately.


Few the prominent AngularJS directives are listed below:

ng-app: A simple code: <html ng-app> is used to define a page as an Angular application. This directive instantiates Angular to get active.

ng-model: It helps to bind the view with the model.

ngIf:  It is the basic It statement. It inserts the cloned value of an element into the DOM when if statement is true. But if the statement is false it removes the entry from the DOM

ng-hide and ng-show: these directives decides whether an element will be displayed or not. It uses the Boolean expression values to decide this.


AngularJS gives the business 100% commercial grades in terms of the project development, client satisfaction, quality produce, and assurance. The grades can be achieved by hiring AngularJS developers from good and reputed firms. The AngularJS Development Services provide the service with the clarity in the achievable, smooth and clear communication, technical approach, quality deliverables and timely deployment of the project within budget and time.



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