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Tips and Tricks of Bootstrap to blast off your site

June 11 2015 Admin Technology , e-Commerce , Web Design

All leading Companies like Apple, Meteor have some common platform. Besides from all being on the cutting edge, each of these companies uses bootstrap to add structure and style to their sites. Do you really want to build a website on a highly efficient framework while taking the Rocket Bus Line to the galaxy? Here are some tips and tricks of bootstrap which help to launch your site with style and functionality. These tricks of bootstrap put you on the next level. 

  1. A Quick Start
    After downloading the framework, there are a bunch of examples on the Bootstrap web page with code you can use it get your site started. Just go through them it will cover all topics and very easy to understand.
  2. Divide your webpage into Grid system
    As a designer you must have habit to plan out main areas on webpage and accordingly put them into grid. This is very first Tip of bootstrap when to start a new site from scratch. Decide which grids are going to float in which direction, their width, always design webpage layout first.In Bootstrap a grid system has to be in 12 column format. This makes easy to structure a page very easily. Grid system is one of the trick of bootstrap once you understand it’s basics then there won’t be trouble to customize your site on tablets or phones.
  3. Team should work on formal standard
    When working in a team. Setting standards helps your code base grow and get new developers to speed up fast. At Krishna Web Developers, we use MVC for organizing our CSS this sets a formal standard for all sites we build. Not just MVC but any standard is an amazing step for collaboration purpose as it reduces friction.Bootstrap won’t help to organize non- bootstrap code, but it will minimize the amount you write. It covers a number of core parts.
  4. Use JavaScript plugins without writing JavaScript
    Writing JavaScript can be a tough part if you have never tried it. In such case use tricks of bootstrap as Bootstrap JavaScript. Bootstrap bridge that gives you an easy way to use Bootstrap JavaScript plugins without writing any JavaScript.Lets show you with some example how use Bootstrap dropdown plugin, it is similar that we use in our websites have a look at our works. If you wanted to do it using JavaScript then
    Bootstrap JavaScript
    In order to understand this little bit of JavaScript, there’s a lot you need to know! If you’re fluent in jQuery, this code might not be too tough, but it’s still a lot more work than the alternative. Bootstrap makes this process a little easier by letting you achieve this same functionality by only editing HTML.
    trick of bootstrap

    This code will accomplish the same thing — but look how much easier it is to write and maintain! Bootstrap has a bunch of similar plugins and classes that reduce code down to almost nothing.


Blast your site
If you are looking for Bootstrap websites then visit our Projects, we will surly blast your website too! I am sure above 4 tips and tricks of bootstrap will be helpful to use bootstrap that you might not even know are possible.

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